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We commissioned HUGESOFTTECH to develop our website. We are extremely happy with the end result. HUGESOFTTECH are experts in website development and we highly recommend them.

- Craig Bokesch -

We received fantastic results for my client’s website design and customization from HugeSoftTechnologies. The customer relations head, was amazing in extending his support every time throughout the project. He goes above and beyond in order to deliver and fulfill client's requirements.

- Achall -

Thank you so much for your amazing service. You are smart, kind, dedicated and on-time. I always admire your innovation and creativity. Looking forward for a long term business with you and your company.

- Saeid Karandish -

Thanks for the website!  This gives me an excellent presences in the Technical area that allows me to reach and help more clients.  Thanks very much!"

- Clifford Woods -

I have had more than one site built by HUGESOFTTECH and I am more than satisfied with their work and prices. Highly recommended.

- Chris Kelly -

Excellent Design, great work, Keep it up! I am absolutely amazed at the dedication, patience and hard work put in by the Ornus team to completely redesign our website. The kudos received and the additional visitors have made me very happy.

- Mahin Lashkari -

HUGESOFTTECH have been an absolute pleasure to work with. The team was responsive and irreproachably thorough. In addition to a highly structured approach to project design, they provided thoughtful advice throughout the process. Once complete, the handover process was seamless with continuous support and tutorials. The final product is a beautifully designed website built from scratch, with integrated CMS and a number of helpful features ensuring painless maintenance.

- G German -

Thank you. I’ve been very impressed with the work you’ve done and the responsiveness to my requirements. I will definitely be using you in the future for any website jobs that we require.

- Yomi -

I have found him to be totally professional, extremely prompt and efficient, as well as being pleasant to deal with… I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending HUGESOFTTECH

- Jason Yang -

I have to admit, it takes a lot to impress me; and you people have done just that. Every time I take a look at the new website, I'm just amazed at how well it's put together. It no longer looks like it was put together by a high school kid. Finally we have a professional looking website. Thank you Hugesoft!

- W Patrick Murphy -

HUGESOFTECH is on top of their game when it comes to the Internet. I have full access to knowledgeable people. I receive compliments on my dental website and my site ranks onto page-1 in an Internet search. I highly recommend HUGESOFTECH

- Dr. Jow Jean -

We primarily market our practice through our dental website and social media marketing program with HUGESOFTECH (increasing exposure), Comcast television ads (staying the same) and the Yellow Pages (decreasing). In our annual analysis of the effectiveness of each, the Web has a significantly higher ROI as compared to all others. In 2011 the ROI for Web/Social Media was 11.67 while the best from the others was 2.30. We are seeing an increasing number of patients from our expansion into the social media format. The good news is that HUGESOFTECH does all the work.

- Dr. David Sipson -

We have been very pleased to work with HUGESOFTECH who have done an excellent job in producing our web site. It has been widely acclaimed by our project partners who were particularly impressed with the post code checking system which has proved very useful for clients to be able to access for grant eligibility – a job well done.!!

- Andrew Lawson -

HUGESOFTECH re-did our website, added video to our site, got us to be on Page 1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN, made us a business Facebook page, and increased our website visits, social media increased greatly. He posts articles and information to our website monthly that is included as part of their services. He knows how to get results with the internet and social media. I could not imagine finding anyone better

- Mark Samson -

I have recently used HUGESOFTECH to help build my company a new website. I dealt with Daniel, who was very helpful, he was very efficient and the standard of work was done to a high standard. He was also very proactive with design ideas whilst he created the site for me. HUGESOFTECH also provided a great aftercare service, They were always there to help with any questions or queries I had. If anybody was thinking of using HUGESOFTECH, I would highly recommend them!!

- Chris Lee -

HUGESOFTTECH has always been professional, helpful, and easily accessible and we recommend them to anyone needing SEO work on their website

- Leanne Ferguson -

We have worked with HUGESOFTTECH on multiple projects and have always been pleased with their reactivity and their professionalism. HUGESOFTTECH’s team of professionals are serious and reliable. They have been able to finish our projects under tight deadlines, with patience and attention to details. We continue to outsource projects to HUGESOFTTECH for those reasons

- Isaak Elduaien -

Considering the work we do the business relationships are always important to us and we have found the team at HUGESOFTTECH to be very friendly, responsive and easy to work with. An absolute first class service we highly recommend.

- Russ Martin -

We commissioned HUGESOFTTECH to develop our website. We are extremely happy with the end result. HUGESOFTTECH are experts in website development and we highly recommend them.

- Kike Kastro Diaz -

We approached HUGESOFTTECH to design and build our new website as we needed to improve our web presence and add credibility to our business. They quickly created a very strong design and following a couple of review meetings they had the entire website finished. We've ended up with a website we're very proud of and that adds great value to our business. The ongoing service and support they provide is very professional and response times are really quick.

- Fred W. Layman -

We found HUGESOFTTECH very helpful and professional throughout the hole process of constructing our new web site and very pleased with the end result. We would recommend them to others considering a new web site.

- Andres Gervasi -

I hired "HUGESOFTECH" to design a very intricate and professional new business website for our company. The website design and production that we have received has far exceeded our expectations. Simply put, "Hugesofttech" is "honest, affordable and professional". You can't beat the quality or price!!! Not to mention thier 90 day touch up warranty... I will be using them to produce and design my new personal website for country musics.Best of luck!

- Richard Gillette -

I would like express our gratitude towards you for the work you have done to our site, all web design who lives closer to us were not able to design our site how we want, was able to design our site the how we want, and also they were able to answer any question we have any time, we contact them without any hesitation

- Pataro Igororyizu -

HUGESOFTTECH have been a fantastic asset to our online marketing strategy. Over a few years of poorly managed SEO, HUGESOFTTECH were able to come on-board and turn our website ranking around. Great reporting processes and contact from our campaign manager and outreach team. We will continue to use the services of HUGESOFTTECH for many years to come!

- Spencer Kramer -

Our traffic has increased by 64% since they’ve worked on our site and they got multiple keywords we were ranking poorly for up to the first page. In fact, our keywords have improved by an average of 56 positions during our time with HUGESOFTTECH. Some of the content they have created for us has amassed over 200 shares via social media. I highly recommend their SEO as they have made a great difference to our business and have been professional to communicate with too

- Hadi Abughazala -

HUGESOFTECH's customer service is excellent. They are quick to respond to your needs and have a full understanding of what needs to be done. This takes the worry away from me and our web site management. Everything that we have done with HUGESOFTECH has been delivered on time and at budget. I would absolutely recommend HUGESOFTECH to others

- Mallyah LeGrande -

We have worked with just about all the SEO companies that are on the front page of google for the search word SEO. HUGESOFTTECH is not only the most professional and accountable seo company we have dealt with but they delivers results. The other seo companies promise you the world and deliver nothing. HUGESOFTTECH sets the correct expectations and delivers each time.Thank you HUGESOFTTECH.

- Charles Shirar -

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